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My Projects


Choose-your-own-adventure game

  • Quiz that gives users MBTI personality stats based on user input
  • MBTI stats gives user in-game stats, such as "Strength" and "Agility"
  • Items that you pick up adds to your inventory
  • RPG-like battle system
  • Used object-oriented programming for the items, traits,
    and levels of health, energy, and growth.
  • Login & Signup capabilities
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Used vanilla JavaScript, React.JS, Node.JS, Express, and MongoDB to provide this
    dynamic experience


A space blog

  • Real-time weather data based on location from API,
    also displays forecast of next 3 hours
  • Data about planets in our solar system
  • Login & Signup features, data saves to database
  • Verifies existing user and incorrect password & username
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Web design 3.0 elements

School site
w/ Wordpress

Christian College site

  • Promotional video embedded
  • Pricing page connected to payment backend
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Collects email from users for discounts

IT company
landing page

Modern IT business site
w/ call-to-action

  • Call-to-action with email verification & sending
  • Login capabilities


MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS

  • Delivers interactive, responsive, and mobile-friendly UI and UX with state management and hooks
  • Uses component-based architecture to pass data from one component to another seamlessly
  • Built scalable, server-side applications using Node.js and MongoDB
  • Created schemas and models using Mongoose to define data structures and enforce validation rules
  • Implemented CRUD operations and complex queries to interact with MongoDB databases


  • Familiarity with common JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery
  • Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and the Document Object Model (DOM) helps create interactive, engaging, and dynamic user interfaces
  • Strong grasp of the language's core concepts, including variables, closures, data types, operators, functions, control flow, JSON, and object-oriented programming
  • Proficient with using APIs and AJAX to build dynamic elements. Such as the Fetch API, Geolocation API, and Web Storage API
  • Built sites that take user data and manipulate it to interact with user


  • Proficient with building responsive and mobile-friendly web design
  • Familiar with Bootstrap, Grid and Flexbox as tools for web design
  • Familiar with responsive techniques for layout and positioning
  • Commonly use CSS animations and transitions to add interactive and engaging elements to web pages
  • Built responsive web designs that adapt to various screen sizes and orientations using media queries and flexible layouts


  • Basic understanding of Git concepts , including repositories, commits, branches, remotes, and the working directory.
  • Familiar with Git's version control capabilities, such as tracking changes, committing code, and viewing commit history.


  • Imported custom CSS code to develop custom themes
  • Familiar with the WordPress dashboard. Knows how to navigate and manage the various components.
  • Knows how to handle images, videos, and other media. Proficient with image resizing, optimization, and gallery creation.
  • Proficient with incorporating plugins, such as SEO and Email Marketing


  • Frequently use GIMP to make custom designs, such as logos, backgrounds, and image modification
  • Experienced in making mockups, converting PSD to HTML

Soft Skills

  • Communication

    - Comfortable with presentations

    - Interpersonal Skills
    ("People" skills, collaboration, active listening)

    - Love connecting with strangers & building work relationships

  • Critical Thinking

    - Problem-solving techniques
    (Self-Questioning & Reflection, Introspective)

    - Active Listener

  • Aware of continuous learning & adaptability

    - Open-minded

    - Desire to expand my skillset & learn from everyone

    - Will take the time to learn new skills outside of work time

  • Organizational Skills

    - Time Management
    (Balancing multiple deadlines, prioritizing, "eating the frog first")

    - File Maintainability

Personal blog


5 Things to Consider when starting your Coding Journey

Get to know

Growing up I’ve always dreamed of being a thousand things, and I could never make up my mind. I’ve always had a fascination with tech, but I didn’t know what was out there.

Software development has become my way of expressing myself. Being a developer has allowed me to extend myself, in a place of imagination and collaboration. I’m not here because of myself, but because of the tall shoulders that I stand on.

The shoulders of my parents, my family, and the millions of developers that have built a space for people like me. With my skill set, I want to contribute to your business and the development world.

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